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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are not things that can be just "turned off". When someone is depressed, a lot of the time they don't know it and most people wouldn't be able to tell. Most people with depression put on a "Mask" for the whole world to think we are okay when they are dying inside. I know this first hand as I have done this and I have felt that when I confide in people about the fact that I have depression, they are sometimes surprised and tell me "oh my goodness I would never have thought. You seem so happy all the time." That's when I tell them that I put up a mask. It can be very hard to confide in people. In my scenario anyway as I feel like I cannot talk about my depression with anyone else, but when I do confide in people I expect them to;

1. Not just shrug it off,

2. And not tell me to just get over it.

Depression is not just something that you can 'get over' and is a lot more than just some negative thoughts or feelings you may have. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain of a hormone called Serotonin, and therefore is a disease as it is biological and not just "all in my head", and it's not all in your heads either. When we decide to confide in people or show them our true feelings, that means we trust you to be gentle and understand what we are about to tell you. Trust is a big thing for people with depression and, if we don't feel that we have that with our closest friends and family, then what do we have? A seriously empty world is what we would have. So if you have a friend with depression, be nice, be respectful and be understanding.

If a person has depression, so many things could be going through their head. They could feel lonely, they could feel worthless or hopeless or they could even feel like they shouldn't be on this earth anymore. People think that depression is all about feeling down, but it affects people in so many other ways. Some people overeat or under-eat, some people sleep all day or can't sleep very much at all, some people have suicidal thoughts and sometimes even commit suicide cause they feel like it their only option cause they no longer want to be on this earth.

This concludes my first blog post and I hope that this helps people understand what people they know may be going through, or helps someone who is going through these things to understand that it will all be okay and it is perfectly normal but that they need to get help before it all gets worse

Amy Shannon



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